By donating you help fund the development of the full version of Pixel Raiders, my gratitude and knowledge of helping an alcoholic get one more beer.

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Using the last upwards facing tank, it's up to you to blast, shoot and destroy the Raider hordes, and defeat the generals leading the charge. Travel the world protecting our most treasured heroes and pets in this last-ditch attempt to save our stuff from this alien menace.

The full version will include:

  • 57 epic levels spanning over 7 stages that will take you from the heart of the country to the Raiders' mother ship.
  • Fight and destroy the 7 evil generals leading the charge and protect our stuff from their greed.
  • Unique devastating power ups to upgrade so you can blast, explode and annihilate the Raider hordes with glee.
  • Play the whole single player campaign and more with a friend in epic co-op action.
  • Challenge levels to test your skills with various power ups, combinations, enemies and more.

Pixel Raiders - Lasers on Mars Pixel Raiders - Rockets in the snow Pixel Raiders - Title Pixel Raiders - Raiders on the moon


Touch Controls

Touch the left or right of the screen to move your tank and fire the main weapon. You'll boost if you tap either the far left or right of the screen from the tank.

When you have collected the laser power up swipe up to fire it but watch out! You can't move while it's firing.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move your tank. While moving hold down the shift key to boost.

Press space to fire and when you've picked up the laser power-up hold down X to charge and fire this awesome weapon! You can't move while firing.


Use the analogue stick or D-pad to move you're tank. While moving press down on either the left or right trigger to boost in that direction.

Press (A) to fire and when you've picked up the laser power-up hold down (B) to charge and fire this awesome weapon! You can move while firing.


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Pixel Raiders Alpha Demo 027IO.exe 3 MB

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Pretty fun :D

Score : 2850 :)

Awesome. Glad you liked it.

Do you have any feedback for me? Always looking to improve Pixel Raiders. :)

More gameplay variety please :]

Brilliant. Thank you. :D

I've actually got plans to address that problem and I'll be talking about it tomorrow in my next dev log for Pixel Raiders. 

Ok :) Nice !

hello want to enter a horror game in my horror jam?

Fun lil' demo! I did notice it seemed to have frame-rate issues, and it would be nice if the coins and bullets were a little more visually distinct.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

Could you let me know what browser your playing Pixel Raiders on? I'll look into that for you and get it fixed.

Yeah. I'm thinking of taking out the coins from the game as in later levels it can get a bit busy on screen.

Thanks again and hope you coming back later this week to try out v2 of the Alpha Demo.

I'm on Google Chrome ver 56.0.2924.87


Thanks. :D

Hm. That's the same version I'm on. Would you be able to check the new version going up on Thursday please? I streamed lined some stuff so hopefully that will help.