Pixel Sword Update

8 months on from my last update I'm still working on Pixel Raiders but it’s been a slow process. A lot has been done to refactor the code and bringing it into the more powerful GameMaker Studio 2 engine. I’ve also been working on a new, smaller game called Goblin Balls that I’m hoping to release soon on Gamejolt and re-use some of it’s code in the next release of Pixel Raiders Alpha Demo 2.

As other indie developers will appreciate, I had to stop full time development to find a job. In order to to eat and keep a roof over my head. Which has resulted in slowed progress on Pixel Raiders, but also on my availability to update on social media and blog posts!

I did try back in June, using my laptop to work on the train, but keeping the balance between a full time job, part time game development and personal life proved too difficult to manage. Made even worse by a draining two and a half hour daily commute.

Now, after a very odd November, I’m back working on Pixel Raiders full time and looking at bringing Pixel Sword forward as a viable business to support myself.

To do this, I’m looking at a couple of things to keep money flowing in.

The first is to look at using my knowledge of the production process for games as a sellable commodity. I’ll do this by providing freelance/contract production services to help small developers better organise their projects, team, business and any contractors they have.

Next I’ll look at bringing Pixel Raiders up to a standard that I’m confident to send to publishers, with the goal of getting backing for the project from there. I’ll be trying to achieve this with the Pixel Raiders Alpha Demo 3 that will see some big changes to the gameplay mechanics.

In order to bring in some additional revenue I’ll also be looking at merchandising options. This will be done mostly through t-shirt designs and the sale of other awesome, cool things. I don’t expect to make much out of this, but it’s there to be used and will take only a matter of hours to set up.

Bit of a lengthy post today but it should give you all an idea of what I’m planning to achieve with Pixel Sword and for the immediate future. Tomorrow I’ll be updating both the Pixel Raiders and Goblin Balls development blogs with their individual status.

If anyone has any questions for me please get in touch!



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